Humans have lost control of the future.

We can regain control by facilitating widespread consensus.

Most information comes from centralized sources which are heavily biased according to the will of their owners. This includes advertising, content promotion, filtering, moderation, etc. All of this activity is self-serving – used not only to sell products, but also to control the flow of information in our society.

The summed cost of this manipulation is too great to ignore. People shouldn’t have to tolerate this intrusiveness in order to simply communicate, coordinate, and collaborate online.

The internet grants us the ability to connect, communicate, and organize in uncountably many ways, yet the vast majority of interactions rely on untrustworthy centralized services.

It’s time to rebuild the centralized social networks in a way that serves only the interests of individuals.

For this project, we will try to find the best way for individuals to take direct ownership of information, circumventing the channels that have been abused by centralized entities to manipulate and divide us.