Building on nostr

nostr is intended to be: The simplest open protocol that is able to create a censorship-resistant global “social” network once and for all. This looks like a promising foundation for the ideal social network! How nostr fits easy to extend public key identities key exchange happens outside of the protocol simple client/relay architecture simple message format relays and clients for major platforms seed phrase key generation and key paths (NIP-06) Concerns about nostr Mass adoption of nostr in its current form may not result in a decentralized architecture....


The Ideal Social Network

In order for individuals to win the information war, they must be: resistant to manipulation by centralized entities, and able to safely and easily coordinate with those they trust For this to be the case, the end-user features of an ideal social network are assumed to be: data is only accessible to the intended recipients users only see content shared directly by people they deem trustworthy data is safe and accessible to the owner service is reliable One potentially feasible approach is outlined here. Overview All self-interested centralized entities eventually make decisions that favor themselves to the detriment of others. As a result, it’s unsafe to rely on information services controlled by centralized entities. Every individual should have sole control over their own social infrastructure in order to establish themselves as equal peers to every other entity. This requires individuals to host their own services, which in turn requires minimizing the cost and complexity of hosting. The system described here is a low-peer decentralized message exchange platform with all design decisions made in the interest of the individual user’s independence from third party manipulation. ...



This project aims to defeat manipulation from centralized entities by popularizing systems that put individuals in control of the spread of information. This project is currently pursuing these activities: blog about ideas related to the project to get attention. collect resources to acclerate development. break work into tickets and start working on them. For more, please see the faq.



The best way to support this project is to share and discuss it with people you know. Feedback Please share any feedback using the Suggest Changes link at the top of every post, or by creating an issue on gitlab. Contribute directly Work toward implementing the components. Define, detail, or refine components. Fund development For now this project is just a hobby. To incentivize more development time, please donate to this bitcoin address:...



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